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Buy Control Valve F00RC00252
Buy Control Valve F00RJ00005
Buy Control Valve F00RJ00218
Buy Control Valve F00RJ00339
Buy Control Valve F00RJ00375

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e-m-a-il eric at china-lutong dot net


China Lutong Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts. The majored products are Head Rotor (VE Pump Parts) Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve and so on. As an elder manufacturer for diesel engine parts, VE pump parts, we keep step with the international
standard and techniques.
Head Rotor -Nozzles – Plungers-Diesel Fuel Pumps/injectors-Feed Pumps – Solenoids – Control Valve – Cam Disk – Common Rail systems
Engine Main Characteristics:
Fuel Injector: A key automotive part used to inject fuel at high pressure into the engine to achieve combustion in an internal combustion engine.
Enhanced power: This fuel injector has been engineered with the latest technology to boost engine power, providing a more dynamic driving experience.
Confirm Fit: Make sure the part number is the same or that the part is an exact match for your vehicle.



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